When I was in college I went through a very difficult season. I wanted to be a faithful follower of Jesus, but there were so many things drawing me into the world. I wanted to know God’s word & be an effective witness, but I also wanted to go to parties, drink & indulge in the attention of men. {boys if we’re being honest. We think we’re adults at 19 & 20, but truthfully we’re just kids learning to adult things} .

I confided in a mentor about the struggle I was having. I asked her for practical advice to help me .
“This is going to sound very simple and maybe even a little crazy. But, no matter what, ALWAYS {P}RAY. I don’t care if you’ve fallen into temptation and you find yourself drunk or at a party with someone you have no business being with. ALWAYS {P}RAY.”

I didn’t understand at that time how {P}rayer would often create just enough time for me to think in my mind , “I don’t really want to do this.” Sometimes {P}rayer would stop me before I even left the house to meet up with someone. Sometimes {P}rayer was the reason I had the courage to witness to a guy who was interested in me instead of flirting or having useless small talk.

{P}rayer is what cultivated my relationship with God even before I had a desire to read His Word. I started {p}raying about everything . Not in a spiritual or mystical way, but a conversation. “God, I know I really shouldn’t be doing this”, turned into , “God, I want to know you more.” Before I knew it, I had a {p}rayer life. I used to spend HOURS {p}raying. What began as an identity crisis turned into the years that formed my relationship with God.

As a wife, mother and a woman who’s experienced a lot since 20 years old, {p}rayer is often lost in the shuffle. I don’t have hours to myself to {p}ray. And truthfully, when I’m going through difficult times {p}rayer is the hardest thing to do. But, it is the very element to knowing God and His voice that often brings breakthrough, clarity or simply a renewal that comes simply from spending time with God.

Imagine if your spouse raved about you in public – told people how incredible you are and all the wonderful things you do. But, in private never had a conversation with you unless they needed something from you. Absurd, right? Yet, sadly – that’s how many of us do God. We’ll sing songs about him at church and say all the right things when talking about Him so that we appear to know Him well. But in our private time rarely do we seek Him & spend time with Him unless we need something. Truthfully, we don’t really know Him.

If you’re going through a difficult season like me , maybe prayer is hard because you’re struggling to believe God will deliver you. I’m right there with you friend. I encourage you to not only {P}Ray but, {P}RAY the Word of God in your situation. Search the scriptures and ask the Lord to speak to you through His Word. Then find 3 or 4 scriptures to confess over and pray through your situation. This will be especially helpful on the days when you don’t feel like praying and can’t find the words to pray.

If you’re not comfortable praying out loud, keep a {p}rayer journal . I sometimes write out my prayers and end up praying for 4-5 pages. It’s also a great way to look back and see the times you’ve prayed and how God has answered. It will not only boost the amount of time you pray, but it’ll boost your faith to see God’s faithfulness expressed in times past.

If you haven’t already, find some time to {P}RAY today. It is the lifeline to your relationship with God. He’s waiting to hear from you.


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