The Simplicity of Gratitude

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I have a love/hate relationship with this quote. {By the way, I don’t know the originator or I’d give them credit. I think it may be @annvoskamp } . I use it often when teaching on worship or mentoring worship leaders. But, it can be hard to live by. Like , this morning when I had to throw out $150 worth of groceries because there was a power outage in our area due to Monday’s storm. So all the groceries we JUST bought before going out of town….down the drain & in the trash. I didn’t want to be thankful. I wanted to be angry & disappointed. I was disappointed and that turned into worry. But before worry could turn into anger, I wrote a mini list of necessities…things we could get by with and headed to the store. As I put every single item on my mini list in the trunk …I started to thank God. “Thank you for these groceries Lord. Thank you for the cash you blessed us with to get these groceries. Thank you for the milk being on sale. Thank you for the vegetables & fruit that’ll keep us strong. Thank you for the Klondikes that were on sale so the kids can have a treat before bed. ” {that’s important around here ☺️} And before I knew it I was thanking God for things that don’t have anything to do with the groceries and things that haven’t even happened yet. Thanks-giving transforms the heart. The disappointment didn’t magically disappear , it just became smaller in the face of gratitude. Disappointment & worry reminded me of what was lost, gratitude reminded me of WHO I have. #gratitude


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