The People I Meet : Aaron the Waiter

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“I used to have dreads” ~ Aaron said. We gasped. He had the perfect “artsy”
look and I was certain he played the guitar, wrote poetry or painted with oils. “I play video games …. Oh and I read”. I was fascinated by the assumptions & conclusions I made based solely off of his appearance. He was the perfect waiter. Or maybe he wasn’t. He was perfect for us. Hours later I thought , “Oh man, I didn’t even witness to him” . Just a few minutes ago as I came across his picture in my phone the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “Yes you did. You SAW him”. #thepeopleImeet @storynashville #amwriting || Sidenote : I asked our waiter’s permission to write about him & take his picture. He agreed. I didn’t show his eyes or list his first name to respect his privacy. I’m not a creeper ☺️ just easily inspired ||