“It’s Almost Over”

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Her text should’ve encouraged me.
It should’ve been the very thing I needed to hear.
It should’ve brought me comfort and relief.

(Her) : Hey u! How’s that baby?

(Me) : She’s good. I’m on a 72 hr bedrest . Boo 😦 Gotta get my blood count up. But, she’s great! Such a little fighter.

and then she said it….

“So glad she’s well, and you’re well. IT’S ALMOST OVER.

and the tears came streaming down.

You see, I’m 30 weeks. It’s been a very difficult pregnancy.

5 trips to the emergency room. 8 weeks on bedrest. A hemorrhage. Tumors.

It’s been a journey to say the least.

But, this is my last baby. The last time I’ll be pregnant. The last time I’ll have a chance to feel a life moving around inside of me. The last time I’ll have a “pregnancy glow” (although I’m pretty sure I skipped that stage this go around). This is the last time my husband and I will sit up in bed at night holding hands and discussing baby names. This is the last time.

When we found out I was expecting, we hadn’t necessarily planned it. But, we hadn’t been against having another baby either.

Things were good. My husband had just received a small, but needed raise on his job. I was teaching voice lessons and had 6 paying students, plus I’d started teaching a toddler music class that met once a week. Sure, we hadn’t been saving and we were preparing to move, but we’d be fine. I was confident.

Just 2 weeks later I found myself bleeding…not spotting….bleeding through my favorite sweatpants and waiting to be seen at the ER…sitting in a wheelchair all alone. I’d prayed and cried the whole way there, trying my best to remain calm and positive for my children who were sitting in the back seat. But, even they knew the sight of blood wasn’t good….and my 5y daughter started to cry. My son grabbed her hand.

Once at the ER, my friend came to pick up my kiddos. Her van was already loaded up with her 4 kids, and after adding my 2 to the bunch she turned and blew me a kiss through the ER window.

My mother in law came eventually to sit with me. We have a pretty good relationship, but it wasn’t her I wanted to see. I wanted desperately for 1 person to be there, and 1 other person to call. I wanted my husband there beside me. And I wanted my best friend to call. My husband finally got there….just in time for the ultrasound. We were able to see our baby swimming around just fine with a healthy heartbeat. We both let out a sigh of relief. But, my best friend never called. We’d had a disagreement? Misunderstanding? Falling out? I really don’t even know….just 2 weeks before…and hadn’t spoken since.

I’m now 9 weeks from my c section date. Things have changed. I haven’t been able to get back to teaching voice lessons. Even teaching my toddler music class has been a struggle. My income is pretty pitiful, and my husband is taking care of everything. (a huge burden). I’ve worn my regular clothes through the majority of this pregnancy…with the occasional splurge on a maternity top or sweater. I’ve purchased 3 little outfits for our baby girl. My best friend and I still haven’t made amends ( I don’t think. Sigh…so complicated) . There have been so many trips to the ER, wonky test results, and scares. I’ve spent so much of this pregnancy worrying…that I’ve really just started to enjoy it.

Sure, I want to see my baby girl. I’m so excited to smell her skin, nuzzle my face against hers, and look her in the eyes and tell her much I love her. But, she’s my last. And I had so many expectations for this pregnancy. A lovely, extravagant shower was my hope. Instead I’m putting on a small sprinkle with cold cuts and veggie trays for a few friends. Dressed to the nine in cutesy maternity clothes. If you call my husband’s college sweatshirt and yoga pants cutesy…then I’m your poster girl. I wanted to be reconciled with my best friend, so she could be apart of this pregnancy. I don’t know if reconciliation is even a possibility ….for reasons I don’t even understand.

As I sit here reflecting….I don’t have an insightful scripture to insert. I don’t have a deep revelation to share. I just have my feelings. It’s “almost over”, and that makes me terribly sad.


2 thoughts on ““It’s Almost Over”

  1. Well I’m sorry you are feeling down. I sort of understand realizing that it’s your last pregnancy. I’ve had 2 babies and my last one I knew was my last one b/c it was so full of complications that I knew I’d be getting a procedure to make sure I never got pregnant again. And even after that procedure was done and my baby was here and smiling, sleeping, etc. I was still sad. Sad that I could never have another baby. It’s been a few years since that time and I’ve gotten content and at peace with that I am a mom of 2. Both pregnancies with complications and not at all what I’d imagined. But we don’t get to pick our path, we just have to walk it. I’m sorry about your friendship. I’m not sure if you tried to reconcile, but I will be praying that hearts are mended and you two can work things out. ((Hugs))

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