Happy New Year!!! (preparing for the new season)


Remember those fancy slogans people used to use to describe the expectation the had for the coming year?

“He’s making things NEW in 2002!!!”

“He’s giving me MORE in 2004!!!”

“I’m COMING ALIVE in 2005!!!”

(I’m pretty sure I have a t-shirt with that 2005 slogan on it.)

As believers we tend to sensationalize and generalize seasons in our lives. We make blanket statements over people who are in different stages in their life. For instance, declaring that “God is giving you more ” over a crowd of people is an illusion. What about the individual who is struggling with stewardship and doesn’t give regularly and has habit of paying their bills late or spending frivolously? Would the Lord in all of His wisdom give that person “more” just because it was spoken over them by a preacher?

It’s no different than a teacher who has 20 kindergarten students. Some of the students may come into kindergarten knowing how to read sentences. Others may not. Some of the children may be able to spell and write their names. Others may not. It would be insensitive of the teacher to move the entire class to another subject or further in reading if some or a majority of the class were not able to comprehend and correctly do the work.

It’s the same with our walk with Christ. It’s personal. While we may attend church or meet community regularly, each of us is at a different point in our relationship with God. Therefore, a new year or a new season means something personal and unique to each one of us.

“2015 won’t be any different than any other year if we don’t evaluate , rearrange, correct, and plan. God won’t take us into any “season” with an “old mindset”.

Thanksgiving is always a time I feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to reflect and adjust because the act of thanksgiving (praise) not only makes me aware of His presence, but also brings clarity of His perspective.

Let’s not get caught up in slogans. Let’s take inventory of where we are in our lives. Take note of how we’e grown. and be honest about the areas we still need to grow in.

Here are some of the things I’m focusing on in order to prepare for 2015.

**Making a list and checking it twice
–We’ve got a new baby coming. I can’t depend on shower gifts and the kindness o family and friends in order to be properly prepared. I’m making a list and a timeline for each item needed. We’ll then budget and buy accordingly.

** Prioritize
— I often find myself frustrated and frazzled by lunchtime. This is a direct consequence of my lack of discipline when it comes to prioritizing. I’m hoping to get the , to assist in putting my to do lists in order.

** Planning ahead
— Now that we’re homeschooling, it’s imperative that I plan ahead. Lesson plans, books, field trips, quizzes, crafts; it all flows much better if I’ve planned the weekend before . Spontaneous can be fun, but it can also make for frustration and a lack of direction. I’m using this same technique in meeting my goal to write a book and complete an album.

**Pray without ceasing
— It’s not just a scripture, it’s a way of life. Over the last few months my prayer life has taken a hit. Not because I stopped believing or gave up hope, but because I didn’t “press in”. I’ve been praying since I was a little girl, and sometimes it’s easy to lean on a “Thank you for this day. Guide me on my way” type prayer life. But, I know in my heart that there’s been a lack of peace in my life because I’ve leaned to other sources instead of seeking God. I’m making a commitment to continuously pray, and I’m starting this before 2015 gets here. In order to be the wife, mother, believer I am destined to be; prayer is a key element to growth and alignment that I can’t afford to put last on the list.

These are just a few of the things I’m evaluating and correcting to prepare for 2015? Tell, me….what’s your plan?


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