“Look Ma, No Kids!”

I spend most days with my 2 kiddos.
We play board games, create ice cream sundaes with play-doh, and venture to the park, splash pad or bookstore quite regularly.
They’re a quirky bunch.
They have 2 imaginary friends that seemingly show up every we go, and conveniently are at fault when they get into mischief.
I love them, and I love being their mom.
But, there comes a time when I crave either adult conversation or the solitude of my own company. {Usually, the latter}.

Last Sunday my sweet husband suggested I get out of the house and enjoy some alone time. YAHTZEEEEEEEE!!!!

Lofts, glorious lofts

Lofts, glorious lofts

I decided to venture to an area I used to live close to called “Royal Oak”. I love it’s varied shops, eateries and cultured vibe. I walked the streets enjoying each building I passed. I remembered sweetly the time my husband and I looked at these lofts when we were just engaged. We loved imagining that we’d buy one and spend our days writing songs with the balcony door open. TUH! 4 months after we were married we were expecting, and it was evident a studio loft would’ve been thee absolute worst option for a growing family.

photo 2

Next I stopped by a small Greek cafe’ specializing in gyros, tomato & feta salads, and the most divine baklava. 20 minutes…savoring each bite…with no interruption. Glorious.

photo 3

I stopped by a theater that only promotes indie films. I decided on BOYHOOD. For 12 years this movie features the same actors as they venture through a rather normal plot, but from varied perspectives. The concept was brilliant. The acting was boring. I was entertained nonetheless.

I went home feeling refreshed, and feeling slightly guilty for having such a great time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tell me moms & dads….how do you spend your free time?


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