Glitter and Glue : A Book Review



I have a confession. I tend to judge books by their covers. 

I have another confession.  I usually don’t like to read books (or buy music for that matter) when it’s popular.  I like to wait until the fanfare dies down a bit and I have an opportunity to indulge in the book (or music) simply of my own choosing and not because of some subliminal message. 

I waited weeks until I even read the synopsis of this book.  I’d heard raving reviews of this author’s book “The Middle Place”, but never took the time to read it.  But this one….I couldn’t ignore.  After weeks of skipping the “New release” display at Barnes and Noble, I found this book in an end cap mistakingly placed in the wrong area.  It was fate. 

The fact that it took me 7 weeks to read this book is no indication of how much I enjoyed reading it.  

Picture this : 

A know it all just out of college student who makes it her business to travel, kiss as many guys as possible, (16 or so according to her journal), and prove her seemingly dull, controlling, predictable mother wrong.  Through an odd tenure as a nanny for an Australian family, an unexpected connection with said family, and later becoming a mother herself; Corrigan finds out what many of us have learned (or are currently learning)…..we are who we are because of our mothers.  All of our mothers – however strained or carefree our relationships with them may be – have at some point been the glue that holds our family unit together, and the glitter that creates the glow that surrounds us. I laughed knowingly and repented as a daughter.  I despaired and reflected as a mother.  From start to finish, I enjoyed this book. 

Other than a few colorful curse words, I hung on every word. 

A solid A…..and a new Kelly Corrigan fan. Even if she is popular. 🙂 


One thought on “Glitter and Glue : A Book Review

  1. Sadly, I’m with you regarding judging a book by its cover. That’s why I’m here: I saw your review and this cover and had to click it. Thanks for the review; it is now on my mental list of books to read.

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