The Color of Friendship


I am rich in friendship.

I have friends like family.

I have childhood friends I still keep in touch with. 

I have friends I connect with spiritually. 

I have friends I’ve connected with over social media. 

I have friends. 

Real friends. 

Black friends. 

White friends. 

Married friends. 

Single friends. 

West Coast friends. 

East Coast friends. 

Mid West friends. 

Down South friends. 

City girl friends. 

Small town girl friends. 

Friends who make me laugh. 

Friends who give great advice. 

Friends who have overcome great trials.

Friends who inspire me. 


Real friends. 

And tonight, while sitting around a table of food with friends I’ve had since kindergarten and 6th grade; I felt unbelievably grateful and blessed. Each one of my friends add color to my life. Not one of them takes more than they give. (which is huge). 

I’ve accepted that while there are people that I love, support, and believe in…I am only willing to give space to those who value our friendship, value my opinions, emotions and time & those who are committed to making our friendship …for however long or for whatever reason … grow. 

If you’ve never experienced genuine friendship…take a look at yourself. As a teenager my mom once told me that learning to be a good friend was preparation for learning to be a good spouse.  It takes commitment, authenticity, loyalty and unconditional love. I learned early to be a good friend.  And in this season….what has been sown is returning in a beautiful harvest of well rounded friendship. 

I am rich in friendship. And for this…I am thankful. 


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