Pieces of A Dream

This weekend something wonderful happened to me.

About 9:30am on Saturday morning,  one of my dearest friends arrived (with Starbucks in hand might I add) ready to assist me in making one of my dreams come true.

An hour later my small living room was filled with 8 girls/ladies ready to learn about songwriting. 

I’ve made it my business as a vocal coach not just to focus on vocal ability and technique, but all things music.  I don’t want my students to be one-dimensional.  I want them to flourish as vocalists, songwriters, music lovers and overall as people.

It’s been my dream to host enrichment classes that are affordable and relatable. I think its great that many women’s ministries and churches are able to put on lavish conferences with great amenities and well-known speakers.  I’ve been to a few conferences that have been a blessing.  But I had to save & scrape just to get there. And unfortunately, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to then sit down with one of the speakers to ask questions or experience them outside of a perception.

I wanted something hands on.

I wanted to do something that was affordable, but life-changing.

I wanted something relatable and attainable.

I don’t think I ever even necessarily prayed and asked the Lord to make this happen for me.

He just ….DID.


One of my vocal students posted this picture of my dear friend and I demonstrating spontaneous worship.

Not only did we learn basic songwriting tips, God’s presence met us in worship and each of us was touched in a personal way.

It was as if I could see pieces of a dream falling into place.

I am loving this season.


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