A few years back I remember reading the Facebook status of a friend of mine. In this post he described great things that were taking place in his life. To conclude his status he made a statement jabbing at those struggling with insecurity and then said these haunting words… “I have never had an issue with insecurity.”

Friends….let me clear up this LIE once and for all. 

Everyone HAS, DOES, or WILL deal with, struggle with, or fight hard to overcome insecurity. EVERYONE. 

I’m convinced that we live in a matrix of sorts.  This world with all its beauty also carries with it a perversion. All the things we are freely given in Christ, we are told by the world ; can only come from the latest clothes, a smaller figure, a large home, the latest technology and an income that affords us the luxuries of life. 

Let me clear; there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things. 

There is nothing wrong with having great success in your line of business. 

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the latest fashions and clothing yourself in fine fabrics. 

There is nothing wrong with traveling extensively and enjoying vacations in the most beautiful parts of this planet. (In fact, I’d settle for a weekend stay at the hotel down the street if it were up to me. Vacation for this mommy would be 48 hours of room service & non stop HGTV. Let it be, Lord….Let it be.)

There is nothing wrong with working hard to obtain degrees and letters behind your name. 

There is nothing wrong  with success. 

There is everything wrong with letting your success or lack thereof DEFINE YOU. 

We have this warped understanding of insecurity. 

It’s easy to see in a person who is crippled by their flaws and unable to move forward in life due to it. 

It’s easy to diagnosis a person who is consumed so much by jealousy that they’re unable to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of their own abilities and talents. 

It’s easy to point out insecurity in a person who uses manipulation as a way to keep another person bound and paralyzed under their control. 

But what we fail to realize is that PRIDE is just another form of insecurity. 

To be consumed IN the SECURITY of anything else than Christ is the opposite of Christ’s intention for our abundant living. 

Consumed by our problems , our accomplishments, our connections, our greatest shortcomings : it’s all insecurity. 

It is a difficult, intentional, consistent fight to deal with and conquer insecurity. 

Look at this verse in 2 Peter 1:3

“By His diving power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life.  We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory  and excellence.”


Did you read that? God has GIVEN us EVERYTHING we need for the life He intended us to live….a godly life. How do we receive and live out this truth ? By continuing to come to know him…the knowledge of him…the truth of Him. Can you imagine being so enamored by the awareness of the person of God that only His opinion of you is what matters? 

Today I encourage all of us to take a look at our lives and our perception of life. If anything : positive or negative, determines the way you feel about who you are, take time to research God’s thoughts about you & dive in security of the love of your soul. 


One thought on “IN (SECURITY)

  1. Gah! This is good. It’s so true, it’s all to easy to diagnose it in others but the wise ones will look inside of themselves. I see it in me, sometimes as outright insecurity and other times as pride. It’s all rooted in fear. But I’d say pride is the worst. After all It’s the one thing that got the first angel kicked out of Heaven.

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