Pulling the Plug


I’m a thinker.

My mind often runs faster than I can keep up. 

Things to do. Things to dream. Things to read. Things to feel. 

There’s always something. 

I’ve often found comfort in the energy of social media. 

The pictures , the quotes, the tweets, the mingling.  It can be a simple pleasure for this creative mommy often confronted with the mundane routine of household duties, night time baths, menu planning and of course the never ending revolving door of laundry. 

But every now and again the constant noise gets to be too loud. 

No matter how calm the snapshots of oregon’s coastline, a quilt in the making, or even a cobbler fresh out of the oven….it’s the constant looking. What we gaze upon has the power to inspire us, change us or cause us to live in comparison.  I am a simple person….not always by choice…sometimes because simplicity is all I am afforded in this moment.  I’m content with that…until I fill my mind and heart with so much of the lives of others until I’ve become deaf to the pleasures & needs of my own life. 

I am not unplugging to clean my house, or spend more time with my children or even consecrate & study my Word. 

I am unplugging to be quiet. I am unplugging to stand in the mirror and tell myself “You’re worth it.” 

I am unplugging to read books and write in my journal.

I am unplugging to sit in front of a piano I don’t play very well & let the songs come pouring out. The odd, complex, rather annoying process I endure called songwriting. I love every agonizing moment. 

I am unplugging to dream about hikes with my love in the mountains of Tennessee. 

I am unplugging to thumb through Vogue & Instyle while circling make up and skin care products I will soon splurge on. 

I am unplugging because at times I am entirely too “plugged in” to everyone & everything else but ME. 

It may be for a few hours….a day…a week or two. 

But the quiet is beckoning me. 

See you soon. 



2 thoughts on “Pulling the Plug

  1. First of all, can I just say? your writing = Amazingly beautiful. Honestly, I rarely read blogs anymore and even more rarely do I comment I will continue to read your words and am so thankful to have stumbled on your blog because your words speak to a place in me that needs to hear your message.
    For that, thank you.
    Unplug. Listen. Write. Don’t stop. The world needs your message.

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