Here we are.

Standing on the heels of a new year.

There were moments in this year that I thought would kill or at least seriously damage me. There were other moments that stirred my heart to the point of overflowing joy.

This year I finally succumbed to the *nagging* of an acquaintance ( and I mean that with all due respect. She nagged me, incessantly. ) and began to teach voice lessons. Imagine my surprise when I realized not only was I good at it, I LOVED it.

Now that I’m accepting more students it’s time to go from good to great. I am a vocalist. Not only do I love to sing, but I love the art of music. This combined with my experience as a background vocalist, session singer, worship leader and classical/pop standard performer, made it easy for me to help others enhance their singing talents. However, it’s now time that I teach not because I’m a good singer, but because I’m a good teacher. I’ve got the passion and interactive parts down, now to be a good business woman who not only excels in teaching, but in administration.

I’m tweaking. (not to be confused with twerking…which I’m not doing.)

Fixing things up a bit.
Taking note of what works and what doesn’t.
Tuning up the parts that have gotten rusty or are running low on discipline, passion, or direction.
Filling up on truth, draining myself of lies.
Pulling the plug on dead, useless things, and plugging into things that will bring new energy and strength to my life.

I’ve noticed a trend lately.
Lots of people are getting rid of other people they claim *bring them down*. In a sense, I get that…I do. But in all of the relationships that matter to me (which if you think about it…EVERY relationship should matter to you. If you even consider a camaraderie with someone a *relationship*, than at some point it had value, and therefore, deserves your attention), I have made a conscious decision to stop looking so much at what they do or do not bring to our connection, and what I myself need to do more or less of to ensure that our connection is as healthy as it can be. In some cases, this may mean that our relationship *changes*, but it doesn’t have to *end*. Isn’t love enduring? long-suffering? patient? Love bears ALL things, right? We chalk this admonishment from scripture up to a pretty thing to say at weddings. But the truth is it is the very foundation for how we should nurture ALL of our relationships, not just marriages.

Take a moment.



Be honest.

Then, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. (my mantra for this coming year)


Move Forward.
Here’s to a good year!


7 thoughts on “Tweaking.

  1. That’s awesome that you’re enjoying teaching! Was wondering if I can ask you a question. Miss V is not the most talented singer. She’s 8 years old & isn’t really carrying a tune. She also stutters (and starts therapy for it in January). I’ve wondered occasionally if voice lessons might help on both counts. Any opinions?

    • I am an advocate for singing lessons, Maya. I believe it helps with confidence, public speaking & speech issues as well as enhancing singing abilities. While singing lessons may not create a better singing voice for her, it will most definitely help with diction, projection, & pronunciation. My son had an obvious lisp. I started using some of the exercises I use with my vocal students & his speech had improved! His teacher even commented on it.

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