Happy New Year to Me!!!!

I love Birthdays.

I always have. 

My mom used to tell me the story of my arrival into this world as if it were a fairy tale or legend passed down through various generations. 

I showed up 6 weeks early … barely 3 lbs, with jet black hair and brown skin with red undertones. They wrapped me in swaddling clothes. (No, really!) My mom says that on Christmas Eve the doctors let me come home with my parents. There was no car seat or baby carrier. I was carried around in a small laundry basket surrounded by soft blankets made by my Nana. 

What an entrance!

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with a portion of the people who mean the most to me. 

Here’s a few snapshots…



My first gift was a 24 pack of sharpies !!! Since I have an abnormal affection for office supplies and paper goods, this practically brought me to tears. (Thanks, em!)



My love took me to brunch at one of my favorite restaurants. He works so hard during the week and even on the weekends. It was so nice to have his conversation & attention for a few hours. I love my husband deeply, and the older I get the more I value his friendship & commitment to our family.

Later that evening, after a long day of rehearsal (Did I tell you? I’m in a play this weekend!!! Hard work & a new challenge, but incredibly rewarding. This has been such a great experience.) I was feeling a little discouraged. Amongst the Christmas hustle & bustle, my birthday is often forgot & overlooked. I know it’s not intentional, but it happens, and it hurts. 

I washed up for bed, and still wiping away tears I stepped out of the lavatory. 

There stood my husband and children with cards galore & a white bag.

They stood by with anticipation as I read each card aloud & then began to open the white bag. 

Inside was a brand new laptop. I screamed! I cried! I buckled to my knees! (Picture a 13 year old girl  being called on stage for a serenade at a Justin Bieber concert.) Not only was the laptop totally unexpected, it was on my “greatest desires but I have no idea how” list. God is just amazing like that. 

The following afternoon I headed out with my girls (minus 3…one who is first trimester pregnant <insert morning/noon/night sickness>, and 2 who live in my beloved California) . There aren’t words to describe how much fun I have with these gals. 



My friend L just happens to have the snarkiest sense of humor of anyone I know. I. Love. it. 

See the photobomber? That’s A. She has the biggest heart for the Lord & a similar love for sharpies. 






The food was DIVINE. 

We laughed. We talked about the book of James. We drove our waiter mad. It was fantastic. 



I am in rich in friendship. 


I am a year and 3 days older and I’m excited about my new year. I’ve already started re arranging some things , re-commuting to things, and focusing on the beauty in each day. 

Every birthday is an opportunity to reflect, re-adjust & receive. 

I feel new….and I’m grateful.


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