For the love of October

I love October.

We live in an area where there are plenty of cider mills, hayrides, clean playgrounds, & other outdoor activities.

Over the last week I’ve gone from anxious to content. It wasn’t easy … and I’m not foolish enough to think that I won’t have to labor to rest.

I woke up with peace.
I went through my day with peace.
I plan to lie down in peace.

Although I didn’t feel my best this morning, I wanted to take my kiddos out after school to celebrate the last few days of my dear friend October.

We played frisbee in the park.
We took a stroll along a brook.
We met new friends at a neighboring playground.
We drank hot cider & cocoa and strolled through a local town marveling at the various Halloween decorations.
We even stopped at the cider mill to grab a few spice donuts for tonight’s dessert.





Soon October will sleep
And snow will replace autumn’s earth floor of fallen leaves.
Winter is coming.
But today … We enjoyed October.


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