I was shaking uncontrollably by the time we landed.
My hands were cold & sweaty.
My heart raced & my head spun.
After a whirlwind trip to Atlanta {which included 4 delays, 1 cancelled flight, multiple gate changes, savory Chicken & Waffles , a vocal blend out of this world & the opportunity to once again sing behind a gospel legend}
I was done.

I had smiled, laughed, cried & talked myself into exhaustion.

Once home I made a cup of coffee & plopped {literally} down on the couch.
And then I built up enough courage to take a deep breath and turn OFF my phone.


For 1 hour this afternoon I turned my phone OFF and gave my mind & body a chance to be still.

I read a magazine about fine cuisine & trips to far off places with both historical architecture, romantic restaurants & scenery that causes one to believe in God again.

I listened closely to the sound of the dishwasher.
I watched the leaves fall from the dying oak in our front yard.
And although far past nap time & too close to bed time….I drifted in & out of sleep.

For 1 hour I turned the

It was hard to be still.
It was hard to be selfishly focused on my need to rest and nothing else.
It was hard & I can’t wait to do it again.


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