An EXCELLENT wife (part 1)


I knew I was right.
I had all the evidence tucked away in a file.
All my ducks were in a row.
I was ready for my chance to present my case.

I waited for the perfect time.
The kids were at my in laws.
My husband was heading out for the evening.
I couldn’t wait to tell God what my husband had or hadn’t done.

Prepared to get down on my knees & fold my hands like a perfect church girl…I felt a nudge.

“Read Proverbs 31”.

Hesitantly, I pulled out my bible and began to read.
A familiar passage …. one that I often read and highlighted the characteristics I proudly accomplish all the while ignoring the ones I desperately need to work on.

It felt so unfair. Here I was bringing my case before The Lord and before I could open my heart, he was breaking my will.

If you are a wife or ever hope to be one….
you must know this. You are worth the chase, you are worth a beautiful diamond & a celebration of vows in front of your family & friends. You are worth just because roses , date nights & a make up free day.


He is worth it too. He’s worth your understanding . He’s worth your patience. He’s worth your forgiveness. He’s worth your selflessness.

Before you dwell on the worst of him, be truthful about the worst of yourself. You are both worth the sufficient grace of God through the reconciliation power of Jesus.

Take this journey with me…
from good to great
from great to excellent.


2 thoughts on “An EXCELLENT wife (part 1)

  1. Kelli, I’m thankful for your honesty… It’s so easy to forget grace in a marriage. If God can show us grace why can’t a husband & wife do the same for each other? I struggle to be the good wife & I pray that My faith be strenghthed with every dissappoint & joy I experience in my marriage.

  2. Oh my word. This is amazing. A thousand amens!!!!! Thank you for this Kelli. What a beautiful reminder from The Lord to all of us wives. Thank you letting Him speak through you.

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